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Sometimes it’s necessary to create a contact on your Samsung Galaxy tablet when you actually meet another human being in the real world, or maybe you finally got around to transferring information to the tablet from your old paper address book. In either instance, you have information to input, and it starts like this:

  1. Open the Contacts app.

  2. Touch the Add Contact icon.

    The icon may also look like a giant plus.

  3. Choose your Google account from the menu.

    It is recommended you create contacts by using Google because it synchronizes the information with the Internet and any other Android gizmos you may own.

    If you choose the Device item, the contact information is saved only on your Galaxy tablet. It won’t be synchronized with other Android devices you may own.

  4. Fill in information on the New Contact screen as best you can.

    Fill in the text fields with the information you know. When a contact has multiple phone numbers or e-mail addresses, use the + (plus) button to add another field. To remove an excess field, touch the - (minus) button.

  5. Touch the Save button to complete editing and add the contact.


Providing that you followed the advice in Step 3, the new contact is automatically synched with your Google account. That’s one beauty of the Android operating system used by the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab: You have no need to duplicate your efforts; contacts you create on the tablet are instantly updated with your Google account on the Internet.

  • It’s also possible to use your Samsung account, should you have one, to synchronize contacts across multiple Samsung devices you may own. If so, choose that account in Step 3.

  • Information from social networking sites is stirred into the Contacts list automatically, though sometimes the process creates duplicate entries.

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