In many image-editing programs, you can output your digital image slideshow to a DVD. Then, you can play that DVD on any television that has a DVD player attached. To write your slideshow to a DVD by using Photoshop Elements’ Slide Show Output Wizard (most programs have a similar procedure)


Double-click a slideshow in the Elements’ Organizer.

The slideshow you selected comes to life.


Click Output in the Slide Show Editor.

The Output Wizard pops on screen.


Click Burn to Disc.

You’ll find this option in the Slide Show Output Wizard.


Click OK in the first screen in the Slide Show Output Wizard.

You’re ready to burn a single slideshow to a disc.


Choose a file format and then click OK.

Click either NTSC or PAL for the video format you use, as shown in this figure. The Burn dialog box opens, and the DVD-drive door on your computer opens.


Insert a DVD and click OK.

The status bar (see this figure) shows the writing progress.

After the CD or DVD finishes writing, pop open your CD/DVD drive and remove the disc. Place the disc in your DVD player and press Play. The movie automatically starts playing, like any commercial videodisc.