Word 2007 creates numbered lists automatically when you use the List buttons on the Ribbon or Word’s AutoCorrect feature. If you already have some text that you want to make into a numbered list, you can make that change in five simple steps.


Select the text you want to convert to a numbered list.

Wing your way through the text selection process.


Locate the List buttons on the Word 2007 Ribbon.

Hovering your mouse pointer over the Numbering button highlights it and displays its tooltip.


Click the Numbering button on the Word 2007 Ribbon.

The highlighted paragraphs change to numbered list items.


To remove the number from a paragraph but keep it aligned with the list, put the insertion point at the beginning of the paragraph and press Backspace to remove the number.

The paragraph stays left aligned with the list. This trick works with any paragraph in the list; just place the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph you want to change. Don’t select the paragraph.


To realign the last paragraph as normal text, press Backspace again.

Word puts some space between the new normal paragraph and the last numbered item.