In versions of PowerPoint prior to 2007, an accessory program called Microsoft Graph, or MS Graph was used to create charts. If you open a PowerPoint presentation and you double-click a chart made with MSGraph, MS Graph opens so that you can edit your chart.

If you prefer the streamlined PowerPoint 2007 charts, you can convert MS Graph charts into PowerPoint 2007 charts by following these steps:


Right-click the MS Graph chart in your PowerPoint presentation and choose Chart Object—Edit.

MS Graph is open on your screen.


Click View Datasheet.

The datasheet appears holding the data used to generate the chart.


Drag over the data in the datasheet to select it.

This is the data you want the new chart based on.


Right-click the selected data and choose Copy on the shortcut menu.

Your data is copied to the ClipBoard.


Click outside the chart to close MS Graph.

You return to PowerPoint 2007.


Create a new chart.

Be sure to choose the same type of chart you had before in MS Graph. An Excel worksheet opens so that you can enter data for the new chart.


Delete the sample data in the Excel worksheet.

Be sure to complete this step. Without it, PowerPoint thinks you still want the same number of columns and rows in the worksheet as you had in the sample data.


Click anywhere in the worksheet except in the highlighting

The highlighting is removed.


Right-click in the first cell in the worksheet and select Paste.

The data from your MS Graph chart is copied into the Excel worksheet.


Switch to the PowerPoint window, and with your chart still selected, click Select Data.

The data is selected.


Switch to the Excel window to which you copied data for your chart.

The Select Data Source dialog box appears.


Click the Chart Data Range button.

This button is located to the right of the Chart Data Range text box, in the upper-right corner of the dialog box.


Drag to select all the cells on the worksheet with the information that you want for your chart.

The Select Data Source dialog box lists the addresses of the cells you selected.


Press Enter or click the Close button in the Edit Data Source dialog box.

The Select Data Source dialog box displays the names of the columns and rows you selected.


Click OK in the Select Data Source dialog box.

Your PowerPoint 2007 displays the same data used to generate your MS Graph chart.