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Swipe your finger in one direction.

Slide your finger in a certain direction, usually inward from one of the screen’s edges. Throughout Windows 8, you’ll constantly find yourself swiping inward from your tablet’s edges because doing so summons hidden menus.

Example: Swiping almost always seems natural. You swipe across a digital book to turn its pages, for example. You swipe across a web browser’s screen to scroll up or down a web page. You swipe across the Start menu to see tiles hidden along the left or right edges.

Note: You can also swipe to select items. To do that, swipe in the opposite direction the item usually moves. For example, the Start screen scrolls to the left or right. So, to select a particular Start screen tile, swipe it downward and release. Windows highlights the tile and places a check mark in its upper-right corner, indicating that you’ve selected it for further action.

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