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How to Connect Your Windows 8 Tablet to a Wireless Network

Enter the password for the wireless network and tap the Next button.

If Windows asks you to Enter the Network Security Key when you tap the Connect button, you’re trying to connect with a secured, or password-protected, network. So, you must type the network’s password.

If you’re in your own home, here’s where you type the password you created when setting up your wireless network. (On some wireless routers, you can simply press a button on the router at this point, which proves you’re in the same room.)

If you’re connecting to somebody else’s wireless network, by contrast, you need to ask the network’s owner for the password. (Or whisper “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” to the person next to you at the coffee shop.)

Windows hides the password as you type it, keeping it secure from nearby eyes. Think you’ve made a typo? Then tap and hold the eyeball icon, and Windows displays your password. (That handy eyeball icon appears whenever you type hidden passwords into a Start screen app.)

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