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Very few people still connect to the Internet through dial-up networks. Accordingly, Microsoft buried Windows 8’s dial-up networking options in a very dark corner of Windows 8. To connect to a dial-up network with your tablet, fetch a flashlight, and walk slowly down these steps:

  1. Plug a dial-up adapter into your tablet’s USB port; then connect a phone cable between the adapter’s phone jack and the phone jack in the wall.

  2. From the Start menu, tap the Desktop app and load Internet Explorer.

  3. When Internet Explorer appears, tap the Settings icon near the program’s upper-right corner. (The icon looks like a gear.)

  4. When Internet Explorer’s Settings menu appears, tap Internet Options from the list.

  5. When the Internet Options window appears, tap the window’s Connection’s tab.

  6. Tap the Setup button to begin entering the dial-up number, name, and password given to you by your dial-up Internet service provider.

When you tap the Connect button, Internet Explorer dials the number, enters your name and password, and leaves you with a working Internet connection. Just like any connection, the dial-up connection lets you work with both desktop and Start screen apps. Be prepared for long waits, though, as dial-up Internet connections are v-e-r-y slow. But it’s better than nothing.

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