Mac OS X Snow Leopard makes it easy for others to snag files from your computer if you have sharing enabled. At the top of the Sharing pane, you can see that other Macintosh users can access your computer at afp://<ip address>, where ip address is the IP address for your specific computer. When another Mac user wants to connect to your shared files, that person can do the following:


Choose Go→Connect to Server from the Finder menu bar.

The Connect to Server dialog opens.


After the Connect to Server dialog opens, type afp://<ip address> and click the Connect button.

Here ip address is the IP address of your Macintosh.

You can also browse for a shared resource on the Connect to Server dialog. Choose Go→Connect to Server or press Command+K. Click Browse to locate the shared computer. Note that you might be prompted to choose whether you want to connect as a Guest or a Registered User. To connect to the server as a Registered User, you must supply the right username and password. If you connect as Guest, you don’t have to supply a password, but you will have restricted access to only the Public folder for each account on the system that you connect to. If you need to connect as a Registered User, ask an Admin user who controls that Mac to supply you with the correct username and password.

The sidebar that appears in Finder windows offers a Shared heading. Click the arrow next to Shared to display other shared resources on your network, just as if you had clicked Browse from the Connect to Server dialog.