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The Server app in Lion Server automates the configuration of a VPN service, but doesn’t give you many options. The Server app allows you to easily do four things:

  • Turn VPN service on or off.

  • Set a VPN shared secret.

  • Edit the IP address range for VPN users.

  • Export a VPN client configuration file for automating VPN setup of Mac OS X clients.

The Server app also automatically adds the client information to Profile Manager.

Turning on VPN service in Server Preferences enables L2TP/IPSec only. To enable PPTP, you’ll need to use the Unix command line in Terminal.

To turn on and configure VPN, do the following:

  1. In the Server app, click the VPN icon to get to the VPN pane.

  2. Select the Show Shared Secret check box to view or edit the shared secret that the Server app generated for you.

  3. Make any required changes to the IP address range fields.

    This is the range the server reserves for users connected through the VPN service. You may want to make the range larger to allow more simultaneous VPN users or to prevent a conflict. You can change the first address, which is the beginning of the range, or the second address, which is the end of the range, or both.

  4. Click the big switch to the On position and click the Save Configuration Profile button.

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