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Word 2010 allows you to apply color to the pages of a document. After you color your Word document's pages, you need to tell the printer you want to print that background color.


Click the Page Color command button on the Page Layout tab's Page Background group.

A menu full of colors opens, some based on the document theme and some based on standard colors.


Choose a color from the Page Color menu.

While you move the mouse over the various colors on the Page Color menu, your document's page color is updated to reflect that new color (but only in Page Layout view). The text color may change, as well (for example, from black to white), to remain visible. To remove page coloring, choose the No Color command.

The color you choose is produced by your printer, but you must direct the printer to print the page color.


Click the File tab and choose Options.

The Word Options window opens.


Select Display from the left side of the Word Options window.

In the Printing Options area, put a check mark by the item labeled Print Background Colors and Images, and then click OK.

You can now print the background color.

The color, because it's generated by Word and isn’t part of the paper you’re printing on, doesn’t cover the entire printed page. That's because your printer cannot mechanically access the outside edge of a page, so a white border (or whatever other color the paper is) appears around your colored page.

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