When you finish doing whatever motivated you to open your PC’s console, close the console up! You can’t turn the PC on until you close the console case. Make sure you close the console properly; otherwise it may refuse to work:


Check to ensure that all the wires and cables have been properly reconnected.

Don’t leave any wires dangling!


Confirm that no tools or parts are left loose inside the case.

Leaving that screwdriver in the console can short out your PC.


Reattach the lid or console cover.

Some cases require you to reattach the cover by screwing several screws into the lid, others just pop back together. It’s a pretty safe bet that whatever steps you took to open your PC’s console case, you can reverse the technique to get it closed again.


Reattach the power cord to the console, then plug the power cord into the wall. Turn the computer on.

Attach the power cord to the PC before you plug the other end into the wall outlet. Press the power button on your PC’s console.


Now pray that your console still works. This step is optional in case you don't believe in a higher, divine being. But why take chances now?