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There are various methods for cleaning types of blinds that you can hang in place of, or in addition to, curtains which can hang stylishly in front. Types of blinds include:

  • Roller: Made from a window-sized piece of stiffened fabric or vinyl that is stored on a roller at the top of the window when the blind is drawn up.

  • Roman: Made from fabric, these blinds lift up in horizontal folds. They’re usually individually made to fit living-room or kitchen windows.

  • Venetian: Typically horizontal slats of high-shine plastic or metal, venetian blinds may also hang vertically and be linked by chains (in which case, they’re usually referred to as vertical blinds).

Cleaning the different types of blinds requires different methods. The first step for each method is to let the blind down to expose as much surface as possible.

Type Cleaning Method
Roller Leave the blind hanging and try vacuuming with the soft-brush attachment; if this isn’t enough, sponge the fabric with upholstery shampoo.
Roman Have a professional cleaner come in to clean them.
Venetian Open the slats. Wearing dampened colourfast cotton gloves, start at the top and run the glove across each slat. If the blinds are desperately dirty, take them down and wash them with soap and water in the bathtub lined with a towel. Rinse and towel them dry, re-hang them, then dry them again slat by slat with dry gloves.

For less than £3, you can buy a Venetian-blind duster that whips through dusty slats with soft fluffy fabric prongs.

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