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Many skylights tilt inwards, making cleaning them from the inside fairly straightforward. However, because the room is typically dependent on a small pane of glass for much of its light, it’s important to clean them very frequently. Also, dirt is more likely to get trapped on a slanting skylight than an ordinary vertical window.

Plastic skylights need special care. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners and use only water with a swish of mild washing-up liquid.

In cleaning terms, think of your skylight as a mirror rather than a window and clean it as frequently and as thoroughly as you do mirrored glass.

For speed, use a disposable glass-cleaning wipe, taking care to get into the corners but avoiding the frame, especially if it’s wood grain.

Cleaning conservatory glass is quicker with an extra wide squeegee (around 45 centimetres (18 inches). Even if you’re tall, use a step-stool to clean top vents and windows. You can see more clearly at eye level and do a better job when you’re not stretching upwards.

To clean a sloping conservatory glass roof, stand on a stool and power wash it much as you would a car roof. Use a hose and brush attachment to sweep away dirt and debris.

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