Anyone who tells you that they know the best card games is either a fool or exceptionally arrogant. But, it is possible to offer a selection according to the needs of the players, so here goes!

Best cards games based on a specific number of players

  • For one player: Accordion and Poker Patience if you’re short on space; La Belle Lucie if you can spread out

  • For two players: Gin Rummy, Spite and Malice, and Cribbage

  • For three players: Pinochle and Ninety-nine

  • For four players: Bridge, Euchre, and Spades

  • For five to eight players: Hearts, Poker, and Oh, Hell!

  • For eight or more: Eights and President

Best cards games based on type of play

  • Best games for serious, competitive types: Whist and Bridge

  • Best games if you’re playing in a cramped space: Hearts and Eights

  • Best games for large groups: Poker and Blackjack

  • Best games that combine bidding and play: Pinochle and Spades

  • Best partnership games: Bridge, Whist, and Euchre

Best cards games based on experience

  • For beginners: Oh Hell! and Ninety-Nine

  • For children: Go Fish, Concentration, and Cheat

  • For groups with mixed experience levels: Knock-Out Whist, Fan Tan, and Rummy

  • For experienced card-players who want new thrills: Pinochle and Cribbage