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Word 2007 offers a spell checker that runs when you start typing. Word 2007 checks words against its built-in dictionary, which you can customize. You can set Word to point out a misspelling or to autocorrect spelling errors. When you finish creating your document, you can scroll through your Word 2007 document and decide on a word-by-word case whether you want Word to make any correction.


Type your text in a Word 2007 document.

Look for the red underline to indicate possible misspelling.

If Word thinks you have a misspelling, the word in question appears with a wavy, red line beneath it.

Word 2007 also flags repeated words with a wavy, red line even if the words are spelled correctly.


Right-click the word that has a wavy, red underline.

A contextual menu, spelling suggestions, and the Mini Toolbar pop up.


Click the correctly spelled word from the Word 2007 suggestions.

Choose a different spelling from Word 2007’s suggestions.

The new word is inserted in place of the misspelled word.

If the spelling you want isn’t in the pop-up menu, fix the spelling by placing your cursor in the text and retyping the entry.

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