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Mail is a program in Mac OS X Lion for sending, receiving, and organizing your e-mail. How do you check and open your mail? In OS X Lion just click the Get Mail button at the top of the main Mail window or press Command+Shift+N.

  • To read a new message, select it. Its contents appear in the Message Content pane.

  • To delete a selected message, click the Delete button on the toolbar.

  • To retrieve a message you accidentally deleted, click Trash on the left and drag the message into the Inbox or other mailbox.

  • To configure Mail to send and check for your mail every X minutes, choose Mail→Preferences and then click the General icon at the top of the window. Pull down the Check for New Mail pop-up menu and make a selection — every 1, 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes — or choose Manually if you don’t want Mail to check for mail automatically at all. (The default setting is to check for mail every 5 minutes.)

  • To add a sender to Address Book, when someone who isn’t already in your Address Book sends you an e-mail message, simply choose Message→Add Sender to Address Book (shortcut: Command+Y).

    Adding a sender to your Address Book has an additional benefit: It guards messages from that person against being mistaken for junk mail. In other words, your Address Book is a white list for the spam filter; if specific senders appear in your Address Book, their messages will never be mistakenly marked as junk mail.

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