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Choosing a theme in PowerPoint sets the theme fonts, establishing a font for your headings and another for your body text. If you don’t want to use the theme fonts associated with the theme you’ve chosen, follow these steps:


Click the Theme Fonts button.

You’ll find it at the right side of the Themes group in the Design tab on the Ribbon.


Choose Create New Theme Fonts.

This brings up the Create New Theme Fonts dialog box. Here you can change the font used for headings and body text.

Changing the theme font is not the same as changing the font via the Font controls found in the Font group of the Home tab. When you use the Font controls on the Home tab, you’re applying direct formatting. As a general rule, you should use theme fonts to set the fonts used throughout a presentation. Use direct formatting sparingly to create a word or two in a font that differs from the rest of the presentation.

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