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Once your business’s Facebook Page is established, you may want to revisit your Timeline settings. When you create your Page, you make the decision to have the posts on the Timeline be just your own or open for posting by the public, as well.

Most Page creators select the Everyone options because those options encourage conversation; anyone can post something. If you don’t select those options, people will be able to comment only to something already posted by the Page.

After you start to have conversations with people on your Page, you might want to modify those original settings. To review and possibly change those settings, follow these steps:


Go to your Page, and open the Admin Panel at the top.

The Admin panel will appear.


Click Edit Page.

The edit page button will appear in the Admin panel.


Click Manage Permissions in the left sidebar.

The Manage Permissions button will allow you to change your settings.


On the resulting page, make your Posting Ability, Post Visibility, and Tagging Ability selections.

Select the changes you would like to make to your settings. Click Save Changes and your settings will now be saved.

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