You can change the case of text in Word 2007 by using the Change Case button. The choices include UPPERCASE, lowercase, Sentence case, Capitalize Each Word, and even tOGGLE cASE.

Believe it or not, upper- and lowercase do have something to do with a font. Back in the old mechanical-type days, fonts came in a case, like a briefcase. The top part of the case, the upper case, held the capital letters. The bottom part of the case held the lowercase letters. So, in a way, changing the case of text is kind of a font-formatting trick.


Click the Home tab to display the Font group.

The Change Case button looks like this: Aa.


Select the text you want to change.

Be sure you don’t pick up an extra letter or word in your text selection.


Click the Change Case button.

The Change Case menu displays a list of options.


Choose the item you want from the menu.

Your text is modified to match the menu item that’s selected.

You can also use the Shift+F3 command to change the case of selected text. But that keyboard shortcut cycles among only three of the menu options in the Change Case drop-down list: UPPERCASE, lowercase, and Capitalize Each Word.