Animation effects that fall in the PowerPoint’s Grow/Shrink category change an element’s size on-the PowerPoint screen. Changing an element’s size is a great way to call attention to part of your PowerPoint slide. By default, elements change in size horizontally and vertically by 150 percent, but you can shrink them to 25 percent or enlarge them to 400 percent, and you can change their horizontal and vertical sizes as well.

Follow these steps to change an animated element’s size:


Click the Custom Animation button on the Animations tab and select your animation.

The Custom Animation task pane opens showing all your animations.


Open the animation’s drop-down list and choose Effect Options.

You see the Effect Options dialog box. You can also double-click an animation in the task pane to open this dialog box.


On the Effect tab, choose a size option.

Here are the percentages by which the elements change size: Tiny (25%); Smaller (50%); Larger (150%); and Huge (400%). You can also select Custom and enter a percentage amount of your own in the text box.


The Size drop-down list, choose Horizontal, Vertical, or Both to tell PowerPoint in which direction to enlarge the element and click OK

Choose Horizontal to make it wider, Vertical to make it taller, or Both to enlarge it in both directions.

Normally, an element grows or shrinks and then it snaps back to its original size, but you can “auto-reverse” an element to make it crawl back, not snap back, to its original size. To do so, select the Auto-Reverse check box on the Effect tab of the Effect Options dialog box. Auto-reverses are kind of neat — they give the effect of watching film run backward.