Learning to change beliefs that no longer support you enables you to transform your life in all kinds of positive ways. You make the switch by working with the submodalities – the fine sensory qualities of how you see, hear, or feel your experience of the belief.

  1. Think of a limiting belief you currently hold, one that you’d like to change.

    Perhaps you believe that you have two left feet as regards dancing or that you’re not a good swimmer.

  2. Think of a belief that you used to hold but which, for you, is no longer true.

    This belief can be something such as believing in the tooth fairy. Note the submodalities of your old belief.

  3. Think of something that you believe to be certain.

    If you can’t think of anything, try the belief that ‘The sun is going to rise tomorrow.’

    Note the submodalities of this belief.

  4. Think of a belief that you’d rather have.

    This belief can be the opposite of your limiting belief in point 1, but restated in the positive: ‘I’m a good dancer.’ Perhaps you want to be better at parking – ‘I’m good at parking’ – or want to feel more confident when speaking professionally – ‘I’m a confident professional speaker.’

    Notice the submodalities of the belief you’d rather have.

  5. Change the submodalities of your limiting belief – Step 1 – to those of the belief that for you is no longer true – Step 2.

  6. Change the submodalities of the belief you’d rather have – Step 4 – to those of the belief of which you’re certain – Step 3.