The NOOK is an electrical device. To keep it happy, keep it cool and dry. Also, keep the touchscreen clean, but be sure to use the right cleaners.

  • Keep it dry. Don’t take the NOOK into the bathtub with you — or out into a thunderstorm or into the steam room. Keep cups and cans of caffeine far away. A little bit of water can wreck the tablet.

  • Keep it cool. Never leave the NOOK in a closed car in the summer heat, and don’t put it on a radiator in the winter.

Although the NOOK is reasonably sturdy, it isn’t wise to re-purpose it. That is, don’t put it in your back pocket or use it to prop a rocking table.

You should keep your touchscreen clean for three good reasons:

  • It might stop responding to your touch if there is too much gloop on it.

  • The image will look pretty bad if you have to view it through a layer of french fry grease.

  • Do you really want people to see your handsome, high-tech NOOK Tablet covered with smudges, smears, and schmutz?

Try to keep your hands clean; don’t go out and change the oil in your car and then swipe your fingers across the touchscreen. Clean up first. Also, consider buying a little home for your NOOK. A carrying case or sleeve can help protect and keep it clean.

Here’s how to clean the touchscreen:

  1. Press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds to turn off the NOOK.

  2. Wipe with a soft cloth.

    Use one of those specialized microfiber cloths made for cleaning eyeglasses.

  • Don’t use any chemicals to clean the screen. If necessary, you can make the cloth slightly damp.

  • Don’t run the screen (or the cloth) under the faucet.