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How to Buy an App from the Google Play Store with an Android Phone

Some great free apps are available for your Android phone at the Google Play Store, but many of the apps you dearly want probably cost money. It’s not a lot of money, especially compared to the price of computer software. In fact, it seems odd to sit and stew over whether paying 99 cents for a game is “worth it.”

You might want to download a free app first, to familiarize yourself with the process. When you’re ready to pay for an app, follow these steps:

  1. Activate the phone’s Wi-Fi connection.

  2. Open the Play Store app.

  3. Browse or search for the app you want, and choose the app to display its description.

    Review the app’s price.

  4. Touch the Price button.

    For example, if the app costs 99 cents, the button reads $0.99.

  5. Choose your credit card.

    The card must be on file with Google Checkout. If you don’t yet have a card on file, choose the option Add Payment Method. Choose Add Card, and then fill in the fields on the Credit Card screen to add your payment method to Google Checkout.

  6. Touch the Accept & Buy button.

    Your payment method is authorized, and the app is downloaded and installed.

The app can be accessed from the App menu, just like all other apps available on your phone. Or if you’re still at the app’s screen in the Play Store, touch the Open button.

Eventually, you receive an e-mail message from Google Checkout, confirming your purchase. The message explains how to apply for a refund from your purchase. Generally speaking, you can open the app’s Info screen and touch the Refund button to get your money back.

Be quick on that refund: Some apps allow you only 15 minutes to get your money back. Otherwise, the standard refund period is 24 hours. You know when the time is up because the Refund button changes its name to Uninstall.

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