If you're looking to increase your exposure on Etsy, considering featuring your shop in an Etsy showcase. If you purchase a showcase slot — it costs $7 for a 24-hour run — you're sure to experience an uptick in the number of people who view and heart your shop and listings!

Several Etsy showcases exist, one for each category and certain subcategories on the site. Items in a showcase appear at the top of the page when someone clicks its category link on Etsy's home page. For example, if you purchase a spot in the Needlecraft showcase, Etsy rotates item listings from your shop among listings from 24 other sellers at the top of the Needlecraft page.

To buy a spot in an Etsy showcase, log in to your Etsy account and follow these steps:


Click the Your Account link along the top of any Etsy page.

The Your Account page opens.


Click the Showcase link, under Promote, on the left side of the page.

The Your Showcase Reservations page opens.


Click the Book a Slot button.

The Purchase a Showcase Spot page opens.


Click the category in which you want your item listing to be featured.

The Purchase Showcase Spot page for the category opens.

You must showcase an item in its own category. For example, if you've categorized an item as Needlecraft, you must showcase it in the Needlecraft category.


Click the Pick an Available Day drop-down arrow and choose the day when you want to feature your item.

Your item listings will appear in the showcase for 24 hours on the date you selected, starting at midnight Eastern Standard Time.


Click the Purchase Spot button to purchase the showcase spot.

A record of the purchase appears in the Your Showcase Reservations page.

By default, Etsy showcases the first ten items in your Etsy shop. To change which items appear, click the reservation's Click Here to Edit/Line Up Items link. The showcase page opens. If the list doesn't show an item that you want to feature, type its listing ID in the Listing ID field and click Add. The item that you added then appears at the top of the list, and the item that was formerly at the bottom of the list is bumped off. Repeat as many times as needed until the showcase contains only the items that you want to include.