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Apple iPhoto makes it simple to burn CDs and DVDs. Just select the photos you want to copy (individual pix, albums, events, or your entire library). Choose Share→Burn and insert a disc into your CD or DVD burner. Depending on the size of your collection and whether you have a CD or DVD burner, you may be able to archive your entire collection onto a single disc.

If you burn pictures inside iPhoto, they can be easily viewed later only in iPhoto. To create a disc that you can view on a Windows machine or elsewhere, choose File→Export and then choose a file format such as JPG. Next, choose a location inside Finder. Quit iPhoto and open Finder. Make sure you have a CD or DVD in your burner and drag the folder with the photos you exported onto the disc icon. After the files have been copied, choose File→Burn Disk and then click Burn.

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