Mac OS X Snow Leopard offers a built-in CD recording feature that allows you to burn a standard data CD-ROM that can hold up to approximately 660MB of files and folders, and can be read on both Macs and PCs running Windows, UNIX, and Linux. Naturally, you’ll need a Mac with a CD or DVD recorder.

To record a disc, load a blank CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, or DVD-RW into your drive and then follow these steps:

(This demonstration assumes that you’re using a write-once CD-R.)


Choose the default, Open Finder.

Mac OS X displays an Untitled CD volume icon on your Desktop. (It’s marked with the letters CDR so you know that the disc is recordable.)


Double-click the Untitled CD icon to display the contents

Verify that it is empty.


Choose the files to burn.

Click and drag files and folders to the CD window as you normally do for a folder.


Rename any files or folders as necessary.

After you’ve started recording, this stuff is etched in stone, so your disc window should look just like the window should look on the finished CD-ROM.


Click File on the Finder menu and choose Burn Disc.

Snow Leopard displays a confirmation dialog.


Click the Burn button.

If you’ve forgotten something, you can click the Cancel or Eject button.

Unfortunately, Mac OS X Snow Leopard doesn’t support recording from the Finder for some external and third-party drives available for the Macintosh. If you can’t burn from the Finder (or you’re willing to pay for extra features), you can buy a copy of the Roxio Toast Titanium recording software.