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How to Bookmark Web Sites on Your iPhone

Bookmarks are saved Web sites you visit frequently that are added to a list so you can return to them quickly. You can bookmark a Web page on your iPhone just as you would on your home computer.

  1. With the page you want to bookmark open, tap the + at the bottom middle of the screen.

    View the Add Bookmark screen.
    View the Add Bookmark screen.

    The Add Bookmark screen appears with a default name and folder location.

  2. To accept the default bookmark name and default bookmark folder, tap Save.

  3. To change the default bookmark name, tap the x in the circle next to the name and enter the new title with the virtual keyboard. Then tap Save.

  4. To change the location where the bookmark is saved, tap the > in the Bookmarks field and then tap the folder where you want the bookmark kept. Then tap Save.

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