You can assign a task in Outlook 2013 to another person and keep track of that person’s progress. As Tom Sawyer could tell you, anything worth doing is worth getting someone else to do for you.

To assign a task to someone else, follow these steps:


Click Tasks in the Navigation bar.

The Task list opens.


Right-click an item in your Task list.

A shortcut menu appears.


Choose Assign Task.

A Task form appears.


Type the name of the person to whom you’re assigning the task in the To box, just as you would with an e-mail message.

The person’s name appears in the To box.


Click the Send button.

The task is sent to the person to whom you’ve assigned it.

The person to whom you addressed the task gets an e-mail message with special buttons marked Accept and Decline. When the person clicks Accept, the task is automatically added to his or her Task list in Outlook. If the person clicks Decline, that person is fired. Okay, just kidding, the person is not actually fired. Not yet, anyway.