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Through the Image Comment feature on the Setup menu of your Nikon D3100, D5100, or D7000, you can add text comments to your picture files. Suppose, for example, that you’re traveling on vacation and visiting a different destination every day. You can annotate all the pictures you take on a particular outing with the name of the location or attraction. You can then view the comments either in Nikon ViewNX 2, which ships free with your camera, or Capture NX 2, which you must buy separately. The comments also appear in some other photo programs that enable you to view metadata.

Here’s how the Image Comment feature on your Nikon DSLR works:

  1. Display the Setup menu and highlight Image Comment.

  2. Press OK.

  3. Highlight Input Comment and press the Multi Selector right.

    A keyboard-type screen appears.

  4. Use the Multi Selector to highlight the first letter of the text you want to add.

    Note that if you scroll the display, you can access lowercase letters in addition to the uppercase ones shown on the initial screen.

  5. Press OK to enter that letter into the display box at the bottom of the screen.

  6. Keep highlighting letters and pressing OK to continue entering your comment.

    Your comment can be up to 36 characters long.

    To move the text cursor, rotate the Command dial in the direction you want to shift the cursor.

    To delete a letter, move the cursor under the offending letter and then press the Delete button.

  7. To save the comment, press the Zoom In button.

    You return to the Image Comment menu.

  8. Highlight Attach Comment and press the Multi Selector right to put a check mark in the box.

    The check mark turns on the Image Comment feature.

  9. Highlight Done and press OK to wrap up.

    You return to the Setup menu. The Image Comment menu item is set to On.

The Nikon D3100, D5100, and D7000 apply your comments to all pictures you take after turning on Image Comment. To disable the feature, revisit the Image Comment menu, highlight Attach Comment, and press the Multi Selector right to toggle the check mark off. Select Done and press OK to make your decision official.

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