How to Play Music on Your iPod Classic and iPod Nano
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How to Adjust the Volume of Your iPod Touch

How to Adjust the Volume on Your iPod Classic and iPod Nano

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You can adjust your iPod's volume to suit your preferences, because an iPod is quite loud when set to its highest volume. It's recommended that you turn down the volume before using headphones.

To adjust the volume for an iPod Classic or Nano, play a song on your iPod. A volume bar appears in the iPod display. While the content plays, use the scroll wheel to adjust the volume as you like. Scroll with your thumb or finger clockwise to increase the volume and counterclockwise to decrease the volume.

You can set the maximum volume for your iPod to be lower than its maximum capacity. This can help protect your hearing. To set the new maximum, choose settings from the main menu and then choose volume limit. Press the select button to accept the new limit without locking it. If you don't want this volume limit to be password protected, you're all done.

If you want to make this change permanent for your iPod, press play to lock the volume limit. Your iPod displays a menu that lets you set a combination lock to lock the setting. The combination lock is useful for setting the volume limits so others can't change it. If you want to change the limit later, you have to enter the combination. In the squares provided, enter a combination and press the select button.

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