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When you're interested in taking more control over how your videos are recorded than the Nikon D7100's default settings offer, start by exploring the following basic settings:

  • Frame Size/Frame Rate and Movie Quality: Together, these settings determine the quality of your video as well as the movie file size.

  • Microphone: This setting determines how audio is recorded.

  • Destination: If you have two memory cards installed in the camera, this setting enables you to specify which card gets the movie file.

Familiarize yourself with the process of accessing them. You have two options:

  • Shooting menu: You can adjust all four options via the Movie Settings item on the Shooting menu.

  • Live View control strip: For even faster access to the settings, set the camera to movie mode and then press the i button to display the control strip shown. From this screen, you can adjust the four basic recording settings as well as the other settings labeled in the figure.


    Use the Multi Selector to highlight the option you want to change and press OK to reveal the available settings. Make your choice and press OK; then press the i button again to hide the control strip. Note that if you attach headphones to the camera, you can use the Multi Selector to scroll to an additional option that enables you to adjust headphone volume (not shown in the figure).

In the default movie display mode, the screen shows you the current settings for each of these options. (Don't see the data? Press the Info button to cycle through the available movie display modes.)

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