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How to Add Social Network Accounts to an Android Phone

The Internet is bursting with social networking opportunities. So is your Android phone. But before you can get anything started, you need to harbor a few accounts on some of the popular social networking sites.

It’s recommend to first set up your social networking accounts on the web — preferably, using a computer. That way, you have a full-size screen and keyboard to help you create the accounts and get things configured. Though you can add new accounts using your phone, it may be more convenient to first use a computer.

After your accounts are set up and you experience the thrill of social networking on a computer, you’re ready to have the same, albeit more mobile, experience on your phone.

Before you become the mobile master of your digital social life, you need to let your phone know about your social networking accounts. You simply inform the phone of your existing social networking accounts, which the phone then adds to your account repertoire.

All accounts on your Android phone, mail or social networking, are kept in one specific location: the Accounts screen. Here is one way to get there and add a social networking account or three:

  1. At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

  2. Choose Settings.

  3. Choose either Accounts or Accounts and Sync.

  4. Touch the Add Account button.

  5. Choose your social networking site from the list of accounts.

    Don’t despair if no social networking accounts are listed. It simply means that your phone lacks an all-in-one social networking app. You can still use the individual social networking apps.

  6. Type your social networking login (user ID or e-mail address), and then type your password.

  7. Touch the Next button (if necessary), and then eventually touch the Done or Finish button.

Repeat these steps as necessary to notify your phone of additional social networking accounts.

  • Your Android phone may sport either an Accounts app or a My Accounts app on the App menu. You can use this app as a quick shortcut to get to the Accounts screen.

  • The Accounts screen can also be used to manage your social networking accounts. Choose an account from this screen to update a password, for example. Or, when things become entirely dismal, you can use the Accounts screen to remove an account.

  • To change the password for a social networking account, use the social networking site on the web — preferably, by using a computer. After making the change, you need to update the account information on your phone.

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