When creating a PowerPoint presentation, it is often useful to include recurring text or objects in each PowerPoint slide. To add recurring text, follow this procedure:


Call up the Slide Master.

It resides in the Presentation Views group of the Views tab.


Add a text box to the Slide Master.

Click where you want to add the text.


Type the text that you want to appear on each slide.


Format the text.

For example, if you want bold, click the Bold button on the Formatting toolbar.


Click the Normal View button to return to your presentation.

You can add other types of PowerPoint objects to the Slide Master, too. You can add clip art, pictures, or even a video or sound clip.

After you place an object on the Slide Master, you can grab it with the mouse and move it or resize it in any way you want. The object appears in the same location and size on each slide.

To delete an object from the Slide Master, click it and press Delete. To delete a text object, you must first click the object and then click again on the object frame. Then press Delete.