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How to Add Apps to the Android Phone Home Screen

An Android phone can have anywhere from five to nine (or more) Home screen panels. Of course, the phone comes preconfigured with an armada of icons and widgets festooning every panel. You can customize the panels by removing widgets and icons, especially those you seldom use, and replacing them with icons and widgets you frequently use. You need not live with the unbearable proposition that you’re stuck with only the apps that come preset on the Home screen. Nope — you’re free to add your own apps. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Home screen panel on which you want to stick the app icon shortcut.

    The screen must have room for the icon shortcut.

  2. Touch the Launcher button to display the App menu.

  3. Long-press the icon of the app you want to add to the Home screen.

  4. Choose the command Add to Home.

    A copy of the app’s icon is placed on the Home screen.

The app hasn’t moved: What you see is a copy or, officially, a shortcut. You can still find the app on the App menu, but now the app is available — more conveniently — on the Home screen.

  • On some HTC phones, you can add apps from the Personalize menu: Touch the Personalize button and choose the App command. Choose an app to add to the Home screen.

  • Some Android phones feature the Dock, or a set of icons found at the bottom of every Home screen panel. To change an app icon on the Dock, long-press an existing Dock icon. Choose a new icon from the list.

  • You cannot replace the Launcher icon on the Dock. It’s also recommended to keep the Dialer app on the Dock.

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