The Quick Launch bar in Windows XP allows you to open programs quickly, but not all programs you'd like to launch may be located on it. To make sure your most-used and favorite programs can be found on the Quick Launch bar, you just need to add those programs to it. Just follow these steps and you'll have your most-used programs lined up nice and neat on the Windows XP Quick Launch bar.


Locate the Quick Launch bar.

You can find the Quick Launch bar on the taskbar just to the right of the Start button. Right-click the taskbar and choose Toolbars→Quick Launch from the shortcut menu if it is not visible. By default, the Quick Launch bar includes the Show Desktop and Switch between Windows icons.


Place any application on the Quick Launch bar.

Right-click that application in the Start menu or on the Desktop and then choose Add to Quick Launch. You can also click and drag it to the Quick Launch bar.

If you have more programs in the Quick Launch bar than can be shown on the taskbar, click the arrows to the right of the launch bar and a shortcut menu of programs appears. Don’t create too much clutter on your Quick Launch bar. Logical candidates to place here are your Internet browser, your e-mail program, and programs that you use every day, such as a word processor or calendar program.