The key to making the Droid X's Calendar app work is to add events: appointments, things to do, meetings, or full-day events such as birthdays and vacations. You can easily create a new event in the Calendar on your Droid.


Touch the Launcher button on the Home screen.

The Applications Tray opens.


Choose the Calendar app.

The month-view Calendar screen probably appears.


Touch the day for the event to select it.

To save time, use Day view and touch the hour at which the event starts.


Press the Menu soft button, and the choose New Event.

A screen appears, where you add details about the event.


Type the event name.

Be as specific as you need.


Touch the Who field and select a name or names of people involved.

Your account is named Me on the Droid X. You can add other people to the event, and they're sent email notifications about the event.


Use the buttons by Start and End to set the starting and ending date and time.

When events last all day, like visiting your mother-in-law for an hour, simply touch the All Day button to put a check mark there.


(Optional) Add an event location.

This information not only tells you where the event will be located but also hooks that location into the Maps app. When you open the event, the location is a clickable link; touch the location link to see where it is on a map.


Touch the Repetition button and select how often the event repeats to create a repeating event.

For example, you can establish weekly or monthly meetings, anniversaries, and birthdays.


Touch the Save button.

The Calendar app creates the event.


To remove an event, first choose the event from the Calendar.

That event's details appear.


Press the Menu soft button and choose the Delete Event command, then touch the OK button to confirm.

The event is removed from your calendar.

Google Calendar lets you create multiple calendars, which help you categorize types of events. For example, you can have a personal calendar, one for your kids' schedules, one for work, and a travel calendar. Different calendars' events show up in different colors.