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Click the Animations tab on the Ribbon. Click the Add Animation button and then select the effect you want to create from the menu that appears.

Clicking the Add Animation button menu reveals a menu that lists the four types of effects: Entrance, Emphasis, Exit, and Motion Path.

The entrance effect you selected is added to the Animation pane.

Note that each of the paragraphs in the text placeholder has been assigned the number 1 or 2 to indicate the sequence in which the paragraphs will be animated. In the Custom Animation pane, the animation that was added in Step 4 is given the single number 1; number 2 doesn’t appear in the pane.

That’s because although this animation is applied to two separate paragraphs, it is treated as a single animation in the Custom Animation pane.

However, if you click the double-down arrow beneath the animation, the two separate paragraph animations will be listed individually.

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