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If you find yourself copying files into the same location over and over again, you can save time by adding a shortcut to the right-click Send To menu. By adding a shortcut to the SendTo folder, you can select any item, choose Send To, and your preferred destination will appear on the menu.


In Windows Explorer, locate the folder you use as a source location.

For example, to set the Public Documents folder as your location, click Start→Computer. Then, on the left, under Favorite Links, click the Public folder to display the Public Documents folder.


Right-click the folder and choose Copy.

If you've already opened the folder, you need to go back up one level and right-click its icon.


Right-click the Start button and choose Explore.

That puts you in the Windows Start Menu folder.


On the left, under Folders, click the SendTo folder.

It’s located immediately above the Start Menu folder.


Right-click a blank spot in the SendTo folder and click Paste Shortcut.

That puts a shortcut to the Public Documents folder inside your SendTo folder.


“X” out of both copies of Windows Explorer.

When you right-click a file or folder, your chosen destination appears in the SendTo listing.

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