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How to Add a Link to Your WordPress Blog

If you want to connect your WordPress blog to some other Web site, you can add a link so that it appears in your blog. Here's how to add a new link:


Log in to your account.

The main web page refreshes with the administration menu across the top. Click the Dashboard under your blog link to enter the Dashboard.


Click the Add New link on the Links menu.

The Add New Link page opens.


Type the name of the link in the Name text box.

This is the actual name of the site that you're adding to your link list.


Type the URL of the link in the Web Address box.

This is the destination to which you want your visitors to go when they click the name of the site.


(Optional) Type a description of the site in the Description box, select a category, and select a target for your new link by clicking the appropriate radio button.

You don't have to make changes to any of these options, if you don't want to.


(Optional) Set the Link Relationship (XFN) options.

XFN stands for XHTML Friends Network and allows you to indicate the relationship you have with the people you are linking to by defining how you know, or are associated with, them. Here's more information on XFN.


Set the advanced options for your new link.

You can enter the URL of the picture that you want to appear next to the link in your link list, add the site’s RSS feed alongside the link that appears on your site, type your notes in the Notes field, and use the Rating drop-down list to rate the link from 0 to 10, 0 being the worst and 10 being the best.


Scroll to the top of the Add New Links page and specify whether to make the link public or private.

To keep the link private, select the Keep This Link Private box. No one you can see the link. If you want the link to be publicly displayed on your blog, leave that box unchecked.


To save your changes, click the Save button.

A blank Add New Links page opens, ready for you to add another new link!

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