Internet radio applications are a great way to play music. One of the more popular Internet radio stations is Pandora. Even if you live in a big city and have a full dial of broadcast radio stations, the options can get stale. Internet radio solves that problem.

When you set up with a station, you can customize it, or change genres as you wish. Follow these steps to download and start the fun:


From your Home screen, tap the Play Store icon.

The Play Store icon is located at the far right of the first row of icons in the figure.


From the Play Store Home screen, tap Apps.

You want to search for Pandora.


Tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner.

You can type in the words Pandora. This brings up the screen shown.

This is the not first day on the job for Play Store. Before you have typed in more than the first few letters of Pandora, it jumps to the assumption that you want the Pandora Internet radio app.


Click on the top options to select Pandora Internet Radio.

This brings up the app page shown.


Tap Install and accept permissions.

After it's installed, you see the app page shown. Instead of Install in the blue box, you see the options of Open or Uninstall in gray boxes.


Tap Open.

You see the boot-up screen shown followed by the sign-in screen.


Tap the Register for Free link.

You see the registration screen shown in the next step. This assumes that you have not already created an account for, say, your PC.


Go ahead and enter the information.

Check the box that accepts the terms and conditions.


Tap Register.

This opens the app, as shown.


To select a genre, tap the text box that says Create a New Station.

This opens the app as seen here.


Tap Browse Genre Stations.

Scan through each option for the exact type of station that you are seeking. Chances are that you will find it.