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Crude oil demand figures are important considerations in investment strategies because the data indicates a steady and sustained increase in production of the commodity. Mid- to long-term demand is likely to maintain increased pressure on crude prices.

The following table lists the top ten consumers of crude oil in the world.

Rank Country Daily Consumption (Million Barrels)
1 United States 20.5
2 China 7.2
3 Japan 5.4
4 Russia 3.1
5 Germany 2.6
6 India 2.5
7 Canada 2.2
8 Brazil 2.1
9 South Korea 2.1
10 Saudi Arabia 2.0

The United States and China are currently the biggest consumers of crude oil in the world, and this trend will continue throughout the twenty-first century, with global consumption expected to increase to 120 million barrels a day by 2025.

Always design an investment strategy that will profit from long-term trends. The steady increase in global demand for crude oil is a good reason to be bullish on oil prices.

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