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Many hiring managers maintain Twitter accounts to recruit job seekers. Following these managers on Twitter, reading what they have to say, and then ultimately interacting with them can put you ahead of the other candidates for a job.

When people have Twitter accounts, they often link those accounts to their LinkedIn accounts. So you’re smart to check the profile of any hiring managers you find on LinkedIn. Also pay careful attention to the blue-shaded area at the top of their LinkedIn profile.

If a hiring manager has linked a Twitter account to his or her LinkedIn profile, you can see it there in the gray Contact Info area. Just look for the Twitter line to access a link to that person’s Twitter account.

You also have the option of seeking out hiring managers directly from one of the many Twitter user directories. (Of course, if the person doesn’t mention that she works at a particular company, you won’t be able to find her unless you search for her name.) You can a Twitter directory service like Twellow.

With these Twitter directory services, you enter the name of the company, and then the directory tells you about any profile in which that company name was used. You can also check to see whether your target hiring manager is on Twitter by searching for her name directly.

Follow this person and read her tweets for a week before trying to engage with her. Listen first, talk second. Her bio or picture should clue you in on whether she’s the right person.

As you find and follow hiring managers, drop their Twitter username into a Twitter List called “Hiring Managers” and make that list private. This list allows you to track their tweets easily.

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