Keep these tips in mind when steaming the clothes you're getting ready to sell on eBay:

  • Always keep the steam head in an upright position so the condensation inside the hose drains back into the steamer.
  • Run the steam head lightly down the fabric.
  • Don't let the steam head come directly in contact with velvet or silk; otherwise you may spot the fabric.
  • Steam velvet (or any fabric with a pile) from the reverse side.
  • Hang pants by the cuff when steaming.
  • Heavy fabrics may respond better to steaming from the underside of the fabric.
  • When you're through steaming your clothes for eBay, try steaming your mattresses and furniture. Steaming has been proven to kill a majority of dust mites and their accompanying nastiness.

Steaming a garment with a steam wand is kinder to the fabric than pressing with an iron, and steaming takes wrinkles out in a hurry. Steam penetrates the fabric (not crushing it, as does ironing) and seems to make the fabric look better than before. Steaming is also five times faster than ironing — and not as backbreaking.