macros: Sequential code combinations in a remote control that can perform multiple tasks with the push of a button. For example, you can program a macro that turns on your TV, receiver, and DVD player; sets the receiver to the appropriate source and output modes; and starts the DVD that is in the tray.

Media Center extender: A specialized type of media adapter that enables you to view Windows Media Center on your TV without requiring the PC to be locally connected to your home theater. You can either purchase a standalone Media Center extender or get an Xbox 360, which has the Media Center extender functionality built in.

midrange driver: A type of speaker driver that handles midrange frequencies (200 Hz to 2000 Hz).

monopole: A pole position of speakers in which all the drivers are on one face of the enclosure. Monopole speakers are also known as direct radiating speakers and can be used anywhere in a home theater system.

MP3: A shortened form of MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. MP3 is a common audio file format for digitally storing music and other audio files on a computer or other device. Uses a form of lossy data compression.

MPEG: An acronym for Motion Picture Experts Group. MPEG is a group that meets regularly to develop standards for compressed audio and video formats, such as MPEG-2, which is currently the most common standard used in the video world.

multizone system: A home theater system that extends beyond a single room, allowing simultaneous access to different audio sources of the home theater in multiple rooms.