image scaler: An advanced video processor (an internal device) that can convert a video signal to a custom resolution that is most suitable for a specific projector or other type of display.

impedance: A specification for an amplifier that measures electrical resistance. Most amplifiers are rated at 8 ohms impedance.

interconnects: Short-run cables that you use to connect home theater components that are located within a few feet of each other (or in the same room).

interlaced scan: One of the two scanning methods that draws the picture on the TV screen. Traditional TV systems use an interlaced scan, where half of the picture appears on the screen at a time (the other half follows 1/60th of a second later).

IPTV; Internet Protocol TV: A type of television service provided by a phone company. Uses the same Internet systems used for carrying Web pages, e-mail, and Web video to your TV, via a broadband Internet connection.

IR: Infrared.