banana plugs: Speaker cable connectors resembling a pin connector that bows out in the middle. Comes in both single and dual configurations.

BD-Live: An Internet-related feature set included with some Blu-ray disc players. Provides access to Internet sites supplying information related to the movie or program you are watching, as well as other features such as online chat.

bipole: A pole position of speakers in which the drivers are on two faces, opposite each other. Bipole speakers are designed for side or rear surround sound in a home theater. They fire their cones at the same time, in phase.

bitstream: A continuous stream of bits (binary digits) transmitted over a communications path, such as a cable connecting components in a home theater system.

Blu-ray discs: A high-definition optical media storage alternative to DVDs, developed by Sony Corporation. The name Blu-ray is derived from the blue-colored laser that reads the disc inside a Blu-ray disc player.

BonusView: A feature set that provides enhanced menus and other extras for some Blu-ray disc players. Includes secondary audio and video circuitry that allows picture-in-picture and audio voiceovers.

brightness: The level of black that you see on a video display. The brightness control on a display enables you to adjust this setting.