wainscoting: A form of wood paneling that comes about halfway up the wall. Often built from beadboard.

wall brushes: A flat-bottomed paintbrush, usually 3-5 inches wide, used for painting the large main areas of a wall.

wallboard clips: Wallboard clips are fasteners for attaching a wallboard patch to an existing wall.

wallpaper remover: Wallpaper remover: Although warm water may do the trick (and is certainly priced right), you can turn to commercial wallpaper removal solvents if you need to.

wallpaper roller: A tool that is used to push air bubbles out of wallpaper while it is being applied.

wallpaper steamer: A tool used for applying steam to wall coverings so that they peel off the wall.

weather gasket: A weatherproofing seal for exterior electric fixtures.

weatherstripping: Weather-stripping is material that seals the cracks between moving components, such as the crack where a window sash meets the frame or stop.

wheel cutter: A tool for cutting glass.

window jamb: The horizontal and vertical trim that holds the window sash.

window sash: The moveable parts of a window.

window stop: The trim along the inside of the window frame.

wire nuts: A wire nut is a small plastic fastener that can be twisted over the ends of wires to create a connection without soldering.

wood lathes: Plaster is installed over strips of wood called wood laths.

wood putty: A product that is used to fill defects in wood, such as nail holes.

wrought iron: Iron that has been forged into decorative and utilitarian objects.