rabbet groove: A rabbet groove is part of a window frame that has a groove cut into it to hold glass panels.

rake: A rake is the part of a paint tray that allows you to roll off the excess paint on a paint roller.

random pattern match: When the pattern is random, you don't need to worry about match any pattern at all. For obvious reasons, random patterns are great for beginners. No matter how you position the paper the pattern still looks good. A great example of a random pattern match is a texture, such as grasscloth, or a stripe.

razor scraper: This push-type wallpaper-scraping tool (about 3 to 4 inches wide) looks like a putty knife but has a slot for replaceable blades so that you always have a sharp edge.

reciprocating saw: A reciprocating saw moves in an upright piston-like manner. It is used for cutting almost any material given the proper blade.

remnant: Leftover pieces of fabric, carpet, or other flooring. To patch a carpet you will need to cut out the damaged spot and replace it with remnants that you saved when the carpet was installed.

resilient flooring: Flooring products that come in vinyl, polyurethane, linoleum, cork, and rubber materials. These floors are resilient because they are more durable and more easily cleaned than traditional floor materials.

R-factor: The amount of insulation provided by various materials.

ridge cap: The part of the piece of the roof that lies at the ridges and over the edges of the shingles.

rigid copper: Rigid copper comes in three thicknesses. Type M is the thinnest but is strong enough for most homes. Types L and Type K are thicker and used in outdoor and drain applications. To cut rigid copper, you'll need a wheel cutter, tube cutter, or a hacksaw. Pipes are usually connected with soldered (sweat) fittings and compression fittings can connect the pipe to shut-off valves.

riser: The vertical board behind the step, which fits up to the underside of the tread.

rock wool insulation: Mineral wool insulation, or rock wool insulation, is similar to fiberglass. It is more expensive and somewhat more difficult to find, but doesn’t cause the same itchy reaction. It looks like dryer lint and can be dusty when handled. Rock wool comes in loose fill that can be blown in or poured out of bags.

roller cage: The metal frame on a paint roller onto which the roller cover slides.

roller cover: The piece that slides over the roller cage on a paint roller. The roller cover is the part that actually holds the paint.

roof flashing: Roof flashing creates a watertight seal wherever the roof meets an upright — such as around plumbing pipes, furnace flues, skylights, and chimneys.

roof rake: A tool that is used for scraping ice off roofs.

rotary ball faucet: A faucet that has a ball mechanism inside which controls water flow and temperature.

rough-in inspection: The first inspection on a remodeling project which occurs while everything is still at the rough-in stage of progress.

run-on toilet: If each flush doesn’t end with a gurgle but instead continues with a hissing sound, with water running into the toilet bowl, you have a run-on toilet.