latchbolt: The part of the latch that goes into the edge of the door.

latex glazing putty: Latex glazing putty is used for sealing window glass into frames.

lath, laths, lathing: Thin strips of wood used as a base for applying plaster. The strips are installed next to each other, separated by gaps. The plaster is forced between spaced lath.

light boxes: A light box is a fixture mounted to the ceiling to hold a flat light fixture, usually fluorescent.

linoleum: A very durable flooring material made from natural products, such as linseed oil, cork or wood dust, and tree resins. Not to be confused with vinyl sheet flooring.

linseed oil: The oil of the flax seed plant, which is used in paint, varnish, lacquer and in the making of linoleum.

liquid asphalt sealer: A product that is used to make asphalt more water proof and less porous.

lock cylinder: The part of a door look that is attached to the face of the door.

loose fill insulation: Loose fill insulation is made out of small chunks of fibers; this insulation type is also known as “blown” insulation because it is installed with a giant blower hose.