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Hiring Freelancers for Your Self-Publishing Project

Part of the Self-Publishing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You may not have the time or knowledge to cover all aspects of self-publishing a book, so interviewing and hiring a freelancer is a great option for ensuring that each step of the self-publishing process is handled correctly. Some freelancers you may need to hire include a ghostwriter, an editor, a graphic designer for layout and/or cover design, a proofreader, salespeople, a public relations/advertising specialist, and a Web site designer. Ask the following questions when interviewing the freelancers to ensure they have experience working on book projects similar to yours:

  • What previous experience do you have?

  • Have you worked on similar book projects in the past?

  • What are your fees? How do you want to be paid (by the hour or at a pre-defined set rate)?

  • Can you complete the necessary work in a timely manner (based on the author’s publication schedule)?

  • Can you provide samples of your previous work or list projects you’ve worked on in the past and provide references?

Here are some additional tips for hiring qualified freelancers:

  • Make sure that the freelancer understands your book’s target audience and knows how to reach them appropriately.

  • Review education, training, and past work experience.

  • Check references.

  • Review the freelancer’s portfolio of work.

  • Negotiate the price or fees in advance. Payment can be based on a flat fee or by the hour. Get a written estimate from the freelancer about the time commitment necessary.

  • Ensure that the freelancer has time in his schedule to work on your project that matches your time frame.

  • Determine if you can work with the people you hire. Freelancers shouldn’t compromise your creative vision, so from a creative and personality standpoint, try to pick people you can mesh with.

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